Sunday, January 19, 2014

Partnership To Success Review And Bonus

John Thornhill has launched a truly one-of-a-kind coaching program. I've reviewed it (I mean really, 4500 words!) and my Partnership To Success bonus is second to none. Seriously.

Many affiliates out there are just lazy, incompetent and want to make a quick buck on you. I have actually met John in the real world a few times and can give you my honest thoughts on him and his program.

What will I learn in the coaching?
Am I covered by a guarantee?
What is so special about this program?
What bonus do you provide?

All your questions are answered here:
Update: $500 Cashback Bonus at the link above! Act quickly!

This is how the members area looks like:

Here is another quick 3 minute video, a testimonial by Omar Martin, one of John's former students. What he has to share with you is proof that the stuff John teaches actually works, and does so very well:

If you just want to see the product everyone is talking about, click on the image below:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who is John Thornhill and why should you listen to him?

John's life was average, to say the least. Quitting school at 16 with almost no qualifications, he spent the following 15 years doing unskilled manual labour jobs until he spent another 10 years working on the production line of a car plant.

He got sick of that quickly and wanted a way out. In 1999, he got his first computer and immediately realized that due to the nature of the internet, a lot of money could be made.

The next 5 years were spent on trying out various systems and courses but they either were scams, didn't work as advertised or required a huge amount of work with only very little return.

At one point John got into Ebay. Purchasing a CD with an ebook collection that came with master resell rights, he soon became a power seller offering these ebooks individually and automating the whole process.

At that time, John discovered a system that nobody else seemed to be using and he was already earning a comfortable living with around $1000 in profits every week.

Soon John decided to help others earn a good part-time income and he started a membership site to teach how to use his system and achieve similar results. It became a real success and from then on, John launched one profitable business after the other in various niches.

With all this experience under his belt and having gone through long periods of painful trial and error, John created a system that absolutely ANYBODY with an internet connection (no matter where you are in the world) can replicate and be successful with!

It includes product creation, creating a sales funnel that converts, blogging and monetization, various underground methods to drive traffic, affiliate recruitment and a lot more.

In short, John is now able to create a profitable business from scratch (all online) and he can show you how to do the same. All with a 100% success guarantee.

This is exactly what John Thornhill's "Partnership To Success" program is about: 

A coaching program updated to the latest techniques and methods that work in 2014 on how to create a profitable online business that will be successful for many years, bring in a stable and passive income, allow you to quit your job and be independent from any past, present or future algorithm changes at Google.

I promise you'll be blown away by what he's offering!

To your success,
Jason Bender